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so cute

so cute
big sis takes care of her bb!sis
  • zelena: oh wow little sis is really into this emma chick
  • zelena: okay walsh you seduce her then betray her
  • zelena: alright neal you are our seasonal character death
  • zelena: hey hook why don't you kiss her and steal her magic
  • emma: *swears off all men*
  • zelena: hey
  • zelena: hey emma
  • zelena: i've got an idea wanna hear


Lana Parrilla in Regard Magazine - April 2014[x]
#lana parrilla#can't stop reblogging

Lana Parrilla in Regard Magazine - April 2014[x]

Angie Harmon: appreciation outfit


like the title is ghost stories. why I read this while laying in the dark. ONE NEVER KNOWS.

it’s not that bad though, right? there are some dead people who are cool, and other dead people who need to be shown the door. much like party guests. 

i agree. although. like. i believe they’re around and there, but i also don’t want to open myself up to that because i literally am one of the most fearful humans. and i don’t do well with any of it.

but wait okay but let me tell you a couple quick stories. deemnfic feel free to get in on this shit.

in the apartment i lived in with my dad and my sister after my parents got divorced. it was an old industrial loft. and a lot of nights, i would wake up with the feeling that someone had their hands around my throat and i couldn’t breathe and i couldn’t move. my sister and i shared a room and she never had anything even sort of like that happen to her. but u kno.

THEN in my apartment in brooklyn, one night there was a lady sitting at the foot of my bed. all in black. and my heart is literally racing when i think about this. and she was like leaning forward, reaching for something in front of my face. just like arm extended, shaking, right there.

apparently, according to my sister, the only thing she found on the internet fitting said lady’s description was like a scary spirit that hangs out by the ringer. so. i don’t know.

help. me. 

emilythemermaidbaby: meowwww. wait. that’s not the sound of a pig.

I should have known Selena Gomez would have the most boring vine account ever.

The stress is getting to me. I’m no good at doing important things.

The stress is getting to me. I’m no good at doing important things.